SoCS~ “Where”

Where time goes? It has been two months since I went to Arizona to pick up my two granddaughters. For the past two months we did a few trips, went to the library, visit the zoo, the girls visit their friends, shopping, and we’ve plenty of talks. My oldest granddaughter is turning 15 in a couple of weeks and it’s already a freshman.

I keep thinking how fast time goes. My grandbabies are growing too fast. A week ago, I took them back home. Their school already begun and I’m back home missing them already.

I’ve two more weeks before I’m back to work. The school will begin on the 22nd. Of course, I’ve to start a few days before to get ready the kitchen, staff meetings, ordering the food, and prepare for the big day.

Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying the rest of my vacation. I’ve to finish a few projects and spend time with my other two grandkids who also are missing the girls.

Where time goes? I wish, I can make time slow down. In the meantime, it has been a fun summer and I’ll keep enjoying what’s left.

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SoCS~ “for/fore/four”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “for/fore/four.” Use one, use ’em all, use ’em any way you want. Bonus points for using all three. Enjoy!


June it’s almost over and for the most part of the month it has been chilly and breezy. However, by the end of this weekend it would get warmer.


I’ve accomplished a few things during the month of June from my summer bucket list. Including reducing the pile of books I’ve been accumulating on my nightstand. I didn’t realize how many books I was piling up and every time I visit Barnes and Noble, I keep buying more. I’m not counting what I’ve downloaded on my Kindle Fire. I’ve already read four books.


For the month of July our family trip to SD, we’ve a few more camping at the lake, and the ND state fair. My granddaughters would be heading back to Arizona by the end of July so we’ve to enjoy every minute.


So far, this summer has been a great one. My depression has been in control, however a few days ago, not so good. I’m taking a day at a time.

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Where is the kindness?

The other day I went shopping and they’re an incident in the parking lot. Somebody took a parking space when another driver was waiting for it. It made me think how much people has changed. These days people are living in a rush and some of them not even have any respect for others. They don’t follow their Stop signs, they run of red lights, and they speed and cut in front of you like there is a “no tomorrow”. They’re usually rude, angry, and selfish.


A few weeks ago, a lady in a rush almost hit my car because she wants to take the closest parking space. It makes me upset not for the space, however of the way she was driving without considering my granddaughter was in the car. She didn’t care, she just wants to run her errands as quickly as possible.


A couple of times in Arizona my daughter has to tell a few drivers to chill. They don’t even wait a few seconds for the red light to change, immediately you can hear the horn. My goodness, that was annoying. Why this generation has to live in this rush? That’s one of the reasons people are so stressed out.


Where is kindness? It’s rare and sad if you hear a hello or, a good morning. It is possible that people can change because what I see it’s a new generation growing with a terrible attitude and no manners.

SOCS~ Leaves

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “leaves.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!


It’s officially summer. I’ve been waiting to enjoy the warm weather; however, it has been raining and windy and it feels chilly. I’ve been wearing long sleeves and if I want to be outside using a blanket. A bit different from when I was in Arizona a couple of weeks ago and the temperature was 110 degrees. Yesterday, the high was 67 degrees and today’s forecast by 2pm to be 75 degrees.


My garden is growing beautifully and it’s beginning to bloom. I’ve a few trees in my patio including an apple tree they’re already full of green leaves. We will have a lot of apples this year. I love sitting on my patio and enjoy the green leaves. I’m hoping we can get a warmer summer very soon I’ll love to put away my long sleeves and have a nice lemonade instead of hot chocolate.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 74

This is the first time I’m participating in this writing challenge. Thanks to Bikurgurl for the photo prompt this week.

bikurgurl- june 6


The warm weather, the beautiful gardens, and the green grass it’s all here. Yes, summer is approaching and that’s the reason is my favorite season. Every year as soon begins the warm weather I begin to enjoy walking. I was surprise when I saw this beautiful picture by Bikurgurl it looks exactly like my neighborhood. Every year I’ve a goal of walking at least an hour and lose the extra weight. However, this year it’s different. My knees are hurting and I’m walking only for35 minutes. At least the little bit I’ve been walking it makes the stress goes away.


Time Zone

I’m in Arizona and the flight went fantastic it took only 2 hours 56 minutes. The kids love to be on the plane and they were trying to figure out the time change.  In North Dakota we have Central Time and in Arizona they’ve Mountain Time. They began to Google on why in the USA has different time zone. That keeps them busy for a while.

In North Dakota it’s two hours ahead of Arizona.  My oldest granddaughter just reminds me that I’m two hours younger. Yes, my grandkids can be very funny.

I went to Wal-Mart last night to get a few things and I call my hubby about 10pm I did forget the time change and he was already sleeping. Oops!  This time change can screw our time to go to bed, because by 8pm I was sleepy. At least for the next three weeks it would feel like that.



Daily Post: Clock

Countdown to Arizona

Two more days and I’m taking my two granddaughters back with their mommy in Arizona. My daughter decides to move to Arizona in February with the intention of starting a new life after her divorce. She obtains a transfer from her job also starting this fall in Paul Mitchell beauty school. She made the decision to leave the girls with us until school was done and have a chance to find a place to live. School in Arizona starts on August 1st and they are not too happy.

My feelings are all over the place and as a grandmother that’s a fact. At times, I feel happy and exciting for them because they will be together. Then the sadness would begin making me over thinks how far they’re moving and to lose the company and hugs from my beautiful granddaughters.

They are feeling sad, too. They don’t like the idea of leaving family and friends and to start all over again. After all when I see their faces and the emotion of being with mommy will bring a huge smile. When I’m back we will be on the phone daily sending text messages with lots of Emojis.