I love cooking for my family; especially for the holidays and my favorite part is setting up the dinner table all beautifully decorated it. However, it doesn’t need to be a holiday to cook for them.

Like today on a Tuesday my kids came after work just to check on us-that’s their excuse- I know better they’re just looking what I make for dinner. Oh, I love them.

My husband turns on the grill make BBQ Ribs and a few hot dogs for the grandkids. I went to the kitchen and add a few things so we have enough for everyone and voila we have a feast. Yes, it’s a feast. I make a little extra potato salad, yellow rice, and corn. We can’t have a complete family dinner without my fruit punch all because I like to add sherbet.

Today has been a hot day with temps rising to 102 so we all ate outside under our beautiful tree. I’m pleased to have the kids all together, getting in touch, talking about their days, and relaxing under the shade no matter if it’s only for an hour. That’s what I call a feast.




Daily Post: Feast

Hello November!

What a weekend of fun we all have on this Halloween. It was an amazing day watching the kids in their costumes. The weather was decent, not too cold and not too windy. The creativity of some of the costumes amazes me every year by 10pm I ran out of candy.

October went quick, our day light time saving ends, meaning one extra hour of sleep. Halloween decoration would come out at the end of the day and turkey, corn, more pumpkins, and apples will be added to my fall décor.

November is the beginning of preparation for the holidays. Every November I would try a new recipe for our Thanksgiving dinner. My family loves the smell of the home cooking and they would sample the dishes.

November will be the beginning of my Christmas shopping. Yes, I love to start early since I want to take it easy when December arrives. I don’t like to wait for Black Friday or those call savings. I’ve watched how some people get upset and push other costumers just to grab a doll or a game. The spirit of the holidays is gone as soon Black Friday arrives.

November would always be the busiest month of the year ending with my Christmas decoration on the day after Thanksgiving.



Happy Thanksgiving!

happy4I used to work at the grocery store for twelve years and my thanksgiving was cooking dinners for the customers until 3 pm. I would get home tired with no inspiration to prepare a meal for my own family. My husband then was the cook.

Since I’m been working at the school for the last three years everything has been changed. I get up early on Thanksgiving to preheat the oven and to start to cook for my family also to watch the Macy’s Parade.

My Christmas tree is done and just waiting to be lit up tonight. The rest of the decorations will come soon. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my coffee and the quiet of my home.

To everyone who celebrated the holidays I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the coziness of your home, the food, the parade, the football game, and your family.

  1. I’m truly blessed for getting up early and to cook for my family.
  2. I’m truly blessed for being home and enjoy the day.
  3. I’m truly blessed for having a loving and caring family.
  4. I’m truly blessed for having another wonderful year and for having the opportunity to live another holiday.
  5. I’m truly blessed for having a wonderful job that gives me the opportunity to spend the holidays with my family.

Thank you for all the good things I have and for all the good things I already have. Thank you, God for everything!

Day 27: NaBloPomo challenge


Daily Gratitude…

I have been doing a number of daily gratitude exercises since I grab the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. This book works magic and now I’m a fan and a believer.

The daily exercises also can be a challenge. Looking at my gratitude daily journal I have been grateful for the same thing every day for the past two months. It’s that’s wrong? No, but I will like to think that I have more blessings to be grateful for.

So, I decide to make a quick change.
1. I will use the magic word “THANK YOU” for every step I take because words are powerful. The more thankful I am, the happier I will be.

2. My gratitude journal will be instead of counting ten daily blessings I will be writing as much I want during different time of the day. A blessing shows up at any time.

3. Showing my happiness, my feeling of gratitude will relieve any negativity that wants to show up. While I know that challenge may come, I can overcome them and learn from them.

4. When I ask for beautiful things not only I will be asking for me but for everyone else.
To receive I have to give.

5. Create a vision board of all my desires and dreams that I want to achieve. Being very specific and detailed with the little things, the big things, what I want now, this month, or this year. Beside it will be fun to do.

In the book “The Magic”it says if “I practice little of gratitude my life will change a little and if I practice gratitude daily my life will change dramatically” that is my goal, my dream, and what I want.

Practicing gratitude has been changing my life. However, I have a lot of work to do. This takes a lot of discipline. No matter if it looks simple, sometimes we all forget to say “thank you”. I want all the negativity and fears gone forever.

The more I focus on the goodness in my life the more I will create.