Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the years, it has been a tradition that my entire family will come and enjoy Thanksgiving in my home. This year things has been a little different I’ve decided to cook just for my kids, grandkids, and my father. My hubby was pleased with the idea. He knows every time I’ve a gathering every detail and menu needs to be pure perfection. Sometimes I end with frustration, unhappy, and depressed. I love my family, however this year it’s all about my own family and my health. Everyone ended doing their own dinner and honestly, I believe they are mad at me.

This morning I watch the Macy Thanksgiving Parade with my grandkids and the cooking went smoothly. I wasn’t running around the house cleaning and cooking at the same time. Finally we got to sit around the dinner table, pray, and have a fun conversation. After we all ate, we have the chance to play the game UNO and watch some football.

This is what I always want for Thanksgiving. Have my kids at home, a nice dinner, be relaxed, and enjoy the rest of the day. It was perfect. I should do the same for Christmas.

To everyone who got to celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all have an amazing day.  And tomorrow would be a day to put up my Christmas tree.snoopy