SoCS~ Bugs

I love everything relative with the summer season. I enjoy the outdoors and sitting in my porch is my favorite. I love going camping at the lake and barbequing. When I do my early walks, I notice the gardens full of flowers and how the people decorated their cute yards. It makes me feel relaxed and energized. However, nothing can be perfect and with the warm season also comes, bugs. It’s a season of mosquitos, ants, and nasty flies. They can ruin an outdoor activity unless we spray ourselves with that nasty bug spray. I’ve a few of those in my backyards and I’m trying to get rid of them. The city will fumigate in a couple of weeks, meanwhile we will keep using the sticky bug spray on us. Obviously not all the bugs are nasty, we also have the beautiful butterflies and my grandkids favorite the ladybug. I’ve been enjoying the season so far and my flower garden is beginning to bloom.

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SoCS~ Bugs

100 Word Wednesday: Week 74

This is the first time I’m participating in this writing challenge. Thanks to Bikurgurl for the photo prompt this week.

bikurgurl- june 6


The warm weather, the beautiful gardens, and the green grass it’s all here. Yes, summer is approaching and that’s the reason is my favorite season. Every year as soon begins the warm weather I begin to enjoy walking. I was surprise when I saw this beautiful picture by Bikurgurl it looks exactly like my neighborhood. Every year I’ve a goal of walking at least an hour and lose the extra weight. However, this year it’s different. My knees are hurting and I’m walking only for35 minutes. At least the little bit I’ve been walking it makes the stress goes away.


Feeling Better!

I began watching what I eat and walking about a two months ago. Since then I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m taking medication and I supposed its helping, too.  I’ve my days where I wake up feeling depressed and feeling lost. However, going walking every afternoon has been helpful. I love my walks, especially when my husband comes with me.

In two weeks, I’ve a checkup with my doctor and I anxious to see how my blood levels would be. It’s great when you feel healthy and stress free. I’ve my ugly moment; however, I feel I can control myself much better.


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