Daily Prompt- JusJoJan 2nd-2020 “Photo”

My last cup of coffee before I head to bed. Yes, I know we not supposed to drink caffeine before bed. I grew up in a family that loves coffee. I drink coffee all day so I guess I’m used to it. If I don’t have one, I can’t sleep. My husband would love me to drink tea, especially chamomile or mint tea. It tastes good, but I prefer coffee.

So here I am before bed and my cup of coffee. Good night everyone, Sweet Dreams!

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

This Monday brings a huge Thank you to all those who served and are still serving our country. So that I can walk out of my door and be free to go where I want, when I want, and to do so much more! Happy Veteran’s day to my husband , my brother, my uncle, and all veterans. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for being brave and for your service. My hugs and love to all of you!

SoCS~ “Nuts”

Halloween is over and I have a neighbor who it’s decorating for Christmas. I’m looking from my window and I noticed that last night we had a little snow on the ground. It looks and feels like the holiday spirit is here.

I told my husband to let’s start decorating for Christmas. He looks at me like are you nuts? Usually, I decorate the house after Thanksgiving, but with the feeling that time flies so fast, I will like to have the house all decorated. It makes me feel wonderful.

Maybe I’m nuts, however if I have it all done a little earlier, I can enjoy how pretty the house gets. I love sitting in the night in my chair and looking at the villages and the tree. Do you think this makes sense? Maybe not. However, the idea of how close we are from the holidays it’s making myself nuts. No doubt I love the holiday season.

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SoCS~ Oh Dear!

Oh Dear,
What have you done? I ask my little princess. She begins to smile and hide her hands. Please don’t tell me you did it again. She keeps hiding her hands. Her smile is so cute.

I’m thinking when she’s going to learn the markers are not to use it on herself. I’m glad the markers are washable. I’m getting her ready for a shower and another change of clothes. She doesn’t understand her mommy and daddy don’t like the idea of her painting herself. Her skin is very sensitive and she suffers from eczema. I smile and kiss her.

Oh, I took pictures of course.









SoCS~ “Oh”

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