A sad trip

In two weeks I will be traveling with my two brothers and my sister to Puerto Rico. We are taking our father’s ashes to his last resting place. He will be buried with my mother. I’m having mixed feelings about it. For a moment I feel ready to take him back and the next time I want to keep him here with me.

When I walk near his bedroom it’s as if I see him sitting in his bed watching his western movies. It’s going to be a tough day, however it’s time to let him go.


From this sad trip there is one thing it makes me happy, all six children will be together. We will be supporting each other and united more than ever. It will ease the pain of our father’s loss.

All together in 1997

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt January 16th, 2018- Contemplation

As I contemplate my father’s empty bedroom, I am overwhelmed with sadness. It’s been two months since my father passed away and I can still feel his presence. There are times that I relive that day, the day I lost him. I remember when we were talking for a moment and a few minutes later he collapsed. As my father closes his eyes in the meantime, I’m screaming please open your eyes and tell me you’re fine. While I contemplate his empty bedroom, I sit in his bed waiting to hear his voice. I can’t believe it’s been two months since you passed away. I miss him too much.


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#JusJoJan daily Prompt January 15, 2018~Justice

Today in the USA we are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr birthday. Do we actually celebrate his birthday? Do we know exactly “The Dream Speech”? What kind of man he was? My personal opinion it’s another regular day with no school, no government offices open, and for businesses attracts customer with phony discounts. It’s a sad statement, but true.

We should be celebrating the life and achievements of this magnificent civil right leader. He would be 89. I wake up this morning to watch the News and they’re only talking about President Trump and his ridiculous remarks about racism. President Trump is dividing our country with his lies and vulgarity. I wonder what Martin Luther King would say regarding the racist remarks from the President. Where is Justice when we need it?


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#JusJoJan Daily Prompt Day 5-Memories

A memory I will never forget. This picture was taken on July 2008. I was taken chemotherapy and during treatment I didn’t allow any photo. I can’t believe I let my husband convince me to do it.





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This is the moment to be grateful for family, friends, and strangers. Yes, strangers who have shown me in the last month kindness and words of comfort.

Just this afternoon I received a phone call from Horn of Plenty Food and Toy Drive. The owner of this group it’s also the owner of a Christian radio station. It’s a nonprofit and they have been helping the community for the past 25 years. When they call me, it was to verify I will be home. They were going to deliver a food basket. I thought I will be getting a fruit or a cheese tray. To my surprise it was an entire Christmas meal. It’s approximately $60.00 dollar on groceries including a frozen turkey, milk, and eggs. I was in disbelief since I realized they are other families who are in need. They need this kind of help. These two gentlemen were kind and generous. I begin to cry.

This act of kindness has open my eyes. No matter how bad it looks out there in our country or in the entire world we still have great people.

I will be donating the groceries to the church pantry. I feel is the right thing to do. Like I mentioned before, there are other families who can benefit from this basket. I am grateful to the person who wrote my name and give it to this organization. This act of kindness has been a blessing send by God. It makes me realize I can do more for my community and for others.

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Praying for my family

Since Tuesday I don’t hear anything from my family in Puerto Rico. It was the last day I talked to my in-laws and my sister and my brother posted in social media a prayer for Puerto Rico. That was the last time I heard from all of them.

Two weeks ago, hurricane Irma caused a few damages affecting a low percentage of the island. For a few days they lost power and some sector didn’t have any water. However, this time Hurricane Maria hit from the center and the entire island has no power, no phone connection, they’re running out of water, and food.

Imagine Puerto Rico has approximated 3.5 million people and everyone in one way or another has been affected. Watching the TV News and looking at the destruction has been hard. Yesterday, New York send a few planes and ships with supplies.

I’m scared for their safety and wondered how much destruction this hurricane caused. What happened if they get sick and need attention? My in-laws are people in the eighties and my sister just have a surgery two weeks ago. Everyone who has family or friends in the island they have been in social media waiting to hear some News.

I’m sick into my stomach thinking all the difficulties they are going through. The frustration of not knowing from our loves ones it’s a nightmare. I’m hoping we can get more info as the days passed. I will keep trying to call every single phone number until one of them answers. I’m praying for my family and friends to be safe.

some streets in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
some streets in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria