Serially Found-Day 13

Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something. For your twist, view day four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series.

Part 2

I’ve Angel in a small box in my room. I’ll pray for Angel to get healthy. If my parents decide I can’t have it, I already have a neighbor who will take care of him.

Angel will meow every time he was hungry. I feed him with a bottle.  After a few weeks he begins to get out of the box. He was recovering.

The day comes where he already was jumping and playing around the house. I realized it was time to say goodbye.

After that conversation, I give my parents another try. This time I didn’t supplicate, I want them to consider and let me take care of the kitten.

They both went to their room. They were discussing having another pet. We already have two dogs and my mother didn’t want to take care of another one. I was in the living room trying to listen. They both came out and look at me.

“You have to promise to be responsible for the kitten”; said my mother.

“I will. I promised”.

“You need to keep him away from the dogs, feed him, he has to be clean, and he can’t break anything.  Do you think you can handle that?” says my dad looking at me.

I took the kitten in my arms. I look at them.

“Yes, I can”.

“I let you keep it, however if you broke your promise I will give it to the neighbor. Do you understand? You need to name him”; said my mother.

“I already did. He’s name is Angel”.

Thanks to my parents I find a little kitten who will be my new buddy and it will give me a few years of happiness.


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