Do you hear people saying I have a million things to do? Really millions. How long it would take a person to do a million things. Yesterday I didn’t have a chance to turn on my computer. I’ve been cleaning the bedrooms and throwing things I don’t need anymore. I’m getting ready for the holidays so maybe I do have millions of things to do.





My daughter and I love scents candles. Every season or holiday I go to Bath & Works store at the Mall to get my favorite or the new scent of the season. On the other hand, my husband doesn’t like them.  For him candles are for emergencies only also he complains the scents are too strong. Perhaps he needs to calm down and enjoy the moment. He can complain all the time if he wanted I would not stop buy them. I went to the store last week and bought the pumpkin spice and a Halloween with the scent of cinnamon.  After I’m done with the housework it’s time for reading a new book I bought and enjoying the scent of my candle.  I already know which candles I’m getting for Christmas.

candlecandle2Daily Post: Candle



Be careful

As children our mothers keep telling us to be careful they always want to protect us at all cost. As a mother myself and a grandmother that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m sure all the mothers of the world are doing the same.  We try to protect them from danger and mostly from any bad influences.

When my children were in school, I keep reminding them to be careful who they select as friends. I would tell them to pick the right people in their lives. They have some ugly ones, but after all they find the right ones at the right moment. I’m glad they still have the same friends from school.

No matter if my children are now adults I still remind them to be careful and to not trust everybody.