SoCS~ Can

Can you believe my first born just turn 34 and he thinks he’s too old? Really? I remember the day he was born. It was also a Saturday and my husband were at a monthly training at the Army National Guard for the weekend. Luckily the training was close from our home. I was cleaning and by 11:30 am the contractions begun. I didn’t have a phone in my home so my neighbor calls my husband. He arrives around noon and helps me with changing my clothes. Then he drives to the hospital where we got into a lot of traffic. We arrived around 12:30 and between him filling the paperwork my water broke and I have my baby at 12:45pm. I didn’t have a lot of pain. It was a memorable day. By the way, my three children were born less than an hour from my first contraction. Can you believe that?

Happy Birthday to my beautiful son. I love you!

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One-Liner Wednesday~ Never

“Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret.”






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SoCS~ Precious

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I love video chatting with my girls. I just finished talking to them it was at least half an hour. When I video chat it makes me feel I’m there with them. They’re growing too fast and they always make me laugh with their silliness. I love listening to their stories, especially when it’s about their friends or school.

We were watching them playing and they show us their Halloween decorations. It was a wonderful moment. I wish I was there to give them a hug and lots of kisses. I miss my girls very much. This is the little precious moments I will cherish forever.

Also, I can thank the new technology for making these little moments so especial. I am grateful for that.

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One-Liner Wednesday~ He wants to play

After a long day, he waits in front of the door patiently. He just want to play with his ball. Meanwhile, I’m tired and I want to watch TV. His face it’s priceless!




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One-Liner Wednesday~ Ha! it’s October!


I have a friend who just put her Christmas tree. I love Christmas, however I think it’s too early. Then, by Dec 20th she’s complaining about the holiday season and she can’t wait to take it down on Dec 25th. I don’t know why it’s the reason of skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving they’re also, fun.



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Last day of September

It’s the last day of September and it’s chilly outside and my plants are getting brownish. In my neighborhood, there isn’t a lot of color changes in the trees, just yellowish leaf’s falling on the ground. We don’t have all the different kinds of trees that makes the fall season so colorful.

This morning I was reading on the internet 31 reasons why we love October. I don’t want to sound negative, but the Fall season isn’t one of my favorites. However, I want to give it a try and check which ones I do like. I won’t count in our family, we have around 35 birthdays in the month of October including my oldest son. And no matter the birthdays I don’t consider October one of my favorites.

I’m not bringing all 31 reasons from the article some of them sounds like a repeat.
Here is a few of them:
1- Trees began to change colors – I already mention we don’t have all the colorful trees. The leaves are just falling on the ground. You clean your yard and hours later you need to start all over again.
2- Fall décor- I love decorating with pumpkins and scarecrows. At this moment, I’ve one pumpkin on my porch. I’ll begin decorating very soon.
3- Sweaters- They are cute and soft; however, they make me sweaty and hot. (I know it’s the menopause)
4- Football season- I don’t watch football.
5- Pumpkin bars- I’ve a sweet tooth. I love them, however I’m not a great baker and I try to be far, far, away.
6- Hot cocoa- I make hot cocoa all the time. It’s one of my favorite drinks next to my coffee.
7- Apple cider- not my favorite.
8- Bonfires- We do the bonfires on the lake during the summer. We never do them in the fall, maybe it’s something I should think about it.
9- Pumpkin patch- I love visiting the pumpkin patch and walking in the corn maze.
10- Candy Corn- okay it’s one of my favorites
11- Candies- the article says we sees candies everywhere. I always see them no matter the season. I try to hide from them, too.
12- Scary movies- it’s true you can watch more scary movies during October, however you can watch them all the time it’s our perception to watch movies according to the season.
13- Read- they say we like to read more about this time of the year. I read all the time.
14- Blankets- they got me there. I love being covered in my favorite blanket.
15- Halloween- I love Halloween, the costumes, and the décor, however when it gets too cold and it’s already snowing the kids hide their costumes in their jackets.

I show I like a few things from October, however one thing it wasn’t on the list that I love. My favorite meal soups and chilly. Yum! Also, getting closer to my favorite season of all.

my garden looks sad