Remember me

A day like today this great man was born… of a beautiful smile… and humble at heart. 
Two years ago he went to heaven.
Happy Birthday Daddy…. Don’t forget I love you and Remember Me!


Happy Birthday in heaven Papi…..You will be in my heart forever!

Happy Birthday!


SoCS~ “ground”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ground.” Use it as a noun or a verb in any tense (i.e. grind). Have fun! hosted by Linda G. Hill.


We have our last warm day on Tuesday. I went to my grandson’s football game; it was a gorgeous day 70 degrees. Here are some pictures…

my grandson # 70

my grandson # 70

The people were enjoying the day, walking, others mowing their lawns, or decorating for Halloween. The sun was shining and my flower garden still blooming like it was spring and summer.


By Wednesday the temperatures begun to drop. A blanket of snow on Thursday and by yesterday the snow begin covering the grounds, the winds pick up, and boom everything is covered. 

my granddaughter playing with papa-a blanket of snow

My plans for today finishing reading a book I just got from a newly author. Finish my Halloween decorations and spend time with my husband. 


These pictures are from this morning and still coming down heavy. Have a great weekend.

Bruno didn’t like the snow






my halloween decor cover with snow



SoCS~ ground

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One-Liner Wednesday- first storm

Starting to snow, 5-8 inches by the time I supposed to go to work, tomorrow. I can’t believe this. To mother nature this is to early. Oh yeah, some of my friends already posting on social media. hahaha!


One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

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SoCS~ “tast”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-tast-.” Find a word that contains “tast” and use it in your post. Enjoy!


Lately I’m doing SoCS prompt on Sunday morning when I’ve the chance to sit and enjoy a quiet morning and a tasteful coffee. It’s the only time I can do some writing, sit, and relax. Otherwise, I’m cleaning, working, cooking, or watching my granddaughter. She’s two and full of energy with an imagination and love for painting. As a ginger she’s a tough girl and funny. My eyes are on her at all time, because her final touches would be on her arms and face. She thinks it’s funny.


The only time I’ve a break from not watching her it’s on the weekends. My Saturdays are for cleaning, groceries shopping, and laundry. Sunday morning is my time and do you see I said it’s only the morning, because as soon my husband is up the quietness is gone. So here I am in my quiet living room having my tasteful coffee going into my second cup and enjoying the moment.


Okay, my time is up!

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SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill

One- Liner Wednesday~I blink

Cold weather, Chilly mornings, Warm Coffee, Rainy Nights, colorful leaves, sweater whether,

I love Fall. Oh, wait it’s starting to snow. I blink !

One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

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“Ent”, “ten”, “net”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ent” “ten” “net.” Use one, use two or use all three (bonus points for using two, double-bonus points for using all three). As Linda would say, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!


If you have been reading my blog you all know I’m suffering from chronic depression and recently diagnose bipolar. I’ve made an appointment with a counselor and they have changed my MEDs. The doctor mentioned another alternative if I want to think about it. He recommends to try the cannabis medicine. He can fill the paperwork and give me an I.D. card so I can get into a Herbology dispenser and get MEDs. I really don’t want to try it. So for now, my answer is a No. That’s the update on my health.


My husband wants me to have a relaxed weekend. No house duties, no babysitting, and no work of any kind. On Friday he surprises me with tickets to see one of my favorite comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. I laugh so hard that the people sitting next to me they will laugh at my expenses. After the show I felt my body was light and my head all clear up. I give this show a ten plus. One thing I took from the show “Fluffy” made it the center of the show. Do not plan to be happy in a year or a month that will make the person miserable trying to be happy. Just take the happiness we get at the moment and enjoy every second. There is no perfect life because it will be boring so take the bad and turn it into the happy moments and enjoy life. After the storm it will come the happy moments.


Then last night I went with my husband to a bar. They have an October Fest and it was fun. I have a few drinks meanwhile my husband enjoys his German beer. So, I did have a great weekend and I’m grateful how much my husband is trying to help me with my condition. I’m keeping my finger cross and wait to see how everything will come out with counseling and new MEDs.


Thank you to everyone who has been helpful with your thoughts and comments. This illness is serious and I don’t want it at all. I will be resting for the rest of the day and of course I need to start decorating for the fall. Have a great weekend and enjoy your happy moments.

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SoCS~ “Ent”, “Ten”, “Net”

One-Liner Wednesday~ Trust

Yes, I need to trust myself and everything will be fine. I need to stop being so hard on myself. 

One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill

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