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Everyone who has been reading my post from my blog knows the depression I have been suffering has taken over my life. It’s terrible, because no matter how much I fight it to take control of my mind it’s getting harder and harder. It’s making my life miserable and I don’t want to do anything at all. I’m struggling to smile.

So, when I have those small times where I feel a little better I take advantage and do some of my stuff. Yesterday I went shopping with my husband who’s always trying to please me and he suggested to begin looking for Halloween decorations, however yesterday wasn’t a good day. I wasn’t motivated to do anything at all.

A friend of mine who is going through also with severe depression mentioned she’s using CBD oils and it’s working for her. I’m more afraid on those types of medicine, however if I can’t find anything that helps me, maybe I should try it, too. Meanwhile, this afternoon I will be going to church sometimes listening to the priest it gives an inner peace. All I want is to be happy and I want to feel in control, again.


SoCS~ Post

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One- Liner Wednesday~ My favorite salad

Chocolate comes from Cocoa, Which is a Tree that makes it a Plant. Chocolate is salad”.






I just have my sweet snack, Wait, my salad. Ha,ha….

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SoSC~ Sept 1, 2018 ~Round

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “round.” Use it as a word by itself or find a word that contains it. Bonus points if you start and/or finish your post with it. Have fun!

A few rounds of drinks with my husband on this Saturday night. Also watching a new series on Prime TV called “Jack Ryan” based on the books from Tom Clancy. So far, it’s been a great weekend after a harsh couple of months. My anxiety, my stress, and depression have been in control for the past couple of days. I still don’t take any MEDs, however I made an appointment to see my doctor to check for new alternatives. I’ve to work hard to keep it in control. I’m focusing on eating healthy, walking, and entertaining myself with a few hobbies. Another round of gin tonic is coming and we already on episode 4 of this terrific show.

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Tough Journey

My life has been a tough journey. One of my resolutions for this year was to take care of my health. Then again, it has been a tough one and I mean it. I can’t believe at this stage of my life, how the depression has taken over and changed my personality. The part I don’t like when it’s affecting my family and myself. I’ve stopped taking my MEDs since the week of my son’s wedding. It wasn’t doing any good. I decide to fight the depression with natural remedies and I still don’t see any improvements.

This weekend has been a tough one. I’m trying to keep my mind occupied with reading, coloring, or trying to write. However, these simple tasks are getting harder when I can’t concentrate and my thoughts are all over the place.

My husband found in Hulu a new series by Stephen King named “Castle Rock” and he wants to watch it with me. I need to be relaxed so I can be ready for work tomorrow.