One-Liner Wednesday-Read

“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by”. ~Jeannette Walls

One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

Badge by Laura @

Badge by Laura @


The Escapist Coloring Club~June

My birthday was on June 7-turn 59. I spend my birthday in Arizona with my grandkids and they draw my own birthday cards. So, in their honor I want to share their creativity. 

Are they talented? This grandma is proud to share their drawings and for this prompt it was perfect.





The Escapist Coloring Club is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband, dad, and grandfather Josue

To my two son’s who are great dads enjoy this wonderful day !

To my dear Dad in heaven;
This Father’s Day I want you to know I love you very much and I miss you been here.
Thank you for all you gave me. I will forever carry you in my heart.

And to all you Dads out there I hope you all have a wonderful day.



A fun trip

After two weeks vacationing in Arizona with my beautiful girls I’m back home. I always said I love the warm weather, however the last week the temperature went as high at 116 degrees. Like my daughter would say wait for July and August. Back to the two weeks I spend with my beautiful girls I got pampered by my daughter who has a Beauty Studio. From a facial to microblading my eyebrows-finally I’ve eyebrows after my cancer treatment I didn’t have any. I spend time with my granddaughters shopping, we went to the water park, the Phoenix Zoo, went hiking, and having ice cream, and my favorite drink slushies.

The most amazing day was spending the day of my birthday with them. When I wake up on June 7th, they took me to have brunch at Butters Pancake Café in Scottsdale and a nice dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Phoenix. The following morning, I went to see The Domes in Casa Grande, AZ. What an amazing and interested it place, it really makes me think of who was the one who begun this project, why wasn’t finished, or maybe the aliens change their minds. I heard too many stories from those Domes. It was a fun trip also I went to check a home that maybe we will purchase for when we retired.

Now I’m back to North Dakota and my two granddaughters came to spend a month with us. So, we have plans for a few fun road trips we’re planning a trip to South Dakota, Medora, and Minnesota. I can’t believe my oldest granddaughter will be a freshman this fall. Time goes so fast and I want to enjoy every minute.

My husband also is a happy grandpa with all four grandkids for Father’s Day.

Here are a few pictures from my trip and I’m glad to be back. 

One-Liner Wednesday- Families

“Families” are like branches on a tree , We grow in different Directions, yet our roots remain as one.

One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill. 

One- Liner Wednesday~ Sometimes

“Sometimes, it’s not that people change, it’s that you finally see them for who they truly are”. ~ C. Tang~






One-Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill


Remembering our Heroes

Let’s Honor our Heroes!


A day to Remember and Honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our military.


As we Honor, the Brave we say, Thank you so much for your services on this Memorial Day! Let’s take a moment to pray for those who sacrificed their lives and for the loved ones they left behind.