SoCS- “Wild Animal”

I go to work at 5:30 am so you can imagine not a lot of traffic and during the winter time it’s dark. I have to be very careful when I’m driving because on the route, I take to work they always have deer. It looks like an entire family, that’s what I call them. They get blinded by the light of the cars so they run from one side to the other. They are looking for food. Some residents are feeding them and it’s illegal. It’s frustrating and also scary since they can cause an accident. I have learned to be patient. I don’t want to hit one with my vehicle.

Then, back from work by 2 pm, no deer. However, we have wild turkeys roaming around in the afternoon. Again, I think is an entire family. Those are the worse because of their slow motion and sometimes they don’t want to move. The reason the animals keep coming back is that some residents are feeding them and it’s illegal.

This is my everyday driving from home to work.

SoCS- “Wild Animal”


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