Spring break!

Finally, I’m on spring break. I have no plans to visit the girls in Arizona at this time. I’m planning a trip for the summer and I need to save money.

Instead, I’m cleaning my closet, getting rid of clothes I don’t be using. I’m changing curtains and bedding with more spring colors. Changing the vases around the house for new flowers I got at Michaels. The feeling of spring is lifting my soul that’s for sure.

Even though it’s cold outside and there is no green grass yet the sun is coming out meaning soon it will be spring. This winter has been a long one with lots of snow and strong winds. It’s time for a transition from cold to warm weather. I need to get fresh air.

I’m feeling much better with the increase in the medication. I still have some days where the depression reminds me, I still have work to do. I need to be confident and get a counselor.                                                         

feeling blue

After the holidays, I have been depressed and that’s the reason I’m not writing frequently on my blog. I feel my brain is full of wrong ideas and disconnected.

I have tried to read but I’m dragging the pages, so I have put the book away. I’m moody, sad, and tired all the time. My brain feels foggy.

When I’m at work, I only do my job and I want to be at home. The doctor has increased my medication and suggested counseling. Everything around me feels wrong. I do struggle a little bit coming out of bed. I hate these terrible feelings.

My daughter suggested listening to a podcast that she’s been listening to and helping her. So, I’m going to give it a try.

Happy Birthday!

This sweet boy is turning 15. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. Last night we went to celebrate his birthday at a restaurant and as I watch him looking at the menu all these memories of this little boy came in a flash.

Time is flying. As I get older this summer, I turn 62 I come to realize Where am I at this point in my life? Besides thinking of retirement next year. I know I have plenty of ideas I would like to do.

I feel my life has been a blessing with ups and downs. I have a job that I loved, a home, 38 years of marriage with a lovely husband, and my children and grandchildren. What else do I want? Hm… I still think of that little boy holding on to my knees, wanting to be picked up. I don’t want to feel I’m running out of time. Do I?

For now, happy birthday to my grandson. He deserves the best of the best.  This boy has a caring heart. He cares about everyone in his life. We are important to him. He’s loving, compassionate, and incredibly smart. He’s a blessing in our life.