Coloring books

I’ve been obsessed with coloring books for adults ever since my grandkids gave me one for Christmas last year. I can spend hours coloring one page. I love the mix and match colors and it can take me a few hours to finish one page. I’m not kidding, last night I finished a page I started on Thursday night. My collections of coloring pens, markers, and pencils is growing too fast. Plus, I’ve a total of ten books. My next purchase will be the Harry Potter or Supernatural. I find coloring very entertaining, relaxing, and it makes me feel stressed free.

Yesterday when I was in Pinterest and found a few pins from other people coloring. I immediately noticed they look like a professional did it. The use of the colors was brilliant. I begin to compare the ones I’ve made and instead of feeling great for my work of art I felt the opposite. I thought I wasn’t talented enough and I should give my books away. I want my pages to look as beautiful like theirs.

I’ll never understand why I’m so hard on myself. The books supposed to be for fun, feel relaxed, and stressed free. A few minutes later I find the situation a little silly and I went back to my coloring books. My pages would not look like a Picasso, but they are mine. I’m working on a whale from my Ocean Lost coloring book and it’s going to be a pretty one.



One-Liner Wednesday~ New hope

“Start everyday with new hope, leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow.”

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

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I remember my mom telling me if I disobey her or my dad they would be consequences. Also, I do remember those consequences wasn’t too pleasant. Then I become a mother raising my children in the same way I was raised. How many times my children or my grandkids would break a few of those rules.

The other day my granddaughter who just turn 13 doesn’t want to follow a simple house rule. She’s at that stage of her life besides being moody where she feels our rules are silly. When she feels she wants to be heard then she disobeyed to make her point.

I will see it at work when a student to make a point they break one of the school rules. Also, we have the ones who doesn’t care no matter the consequences.

When my grandkids disobey it brings back a few memories of myself and my daughter at their age. That’s what I call Karma.


Daily Post: Disobey


I’ve been a little stress ever since I went back to work. I’ve been disorganized therefore I’m working on it. It takes time to get into a routine, especially when I’ve to wake up too early. Between working and taking care of my dad, it looks I need more than 24 hours a day. I expect by the end of the day be done with my food orders and my paperwork.

It’s a holiday weekend and I want to relax and watch hallmark mystery movies. Also, I can continue reading my cozy mystery book. Yesterday I got a few books from Barnes and Nobles.

my pile of new books


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One-Liner Wednesday- Bye vacation


Today is my last day of vacation and already feeling excited for the school year. However, I want to say a good bye to my dear vacation.


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#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion


Every day as soon as I put my feet on the floor I recite my gratitude’s. I recite “I am truly grateful for _______ because______” finishing with a thank you. I do this every morning since I bought the book “Magic from Rhonda Byrne”. Also, when I go for my walks or driving in my car I love reciting my blessings. It makes me feel appreciated it for the little things I have.

I have been teaching my granddaughters to be grateful and they sound adorable when they recite their gratitude. One of them was grateful for having an ice cream cone and the other was grateful for receiving a toy.

When I feel depressed, it gets a little more difficult because my head begins to spin and I can’t find the right words. However, I keep reciting my gratitude’s until I begin to feel better.

Daily Prompt: Recite