One- Liner Wednesday~ Binge

“My Greatest TALENT is being able to watch 5 years worth of a TV Show in ONE WEEK”. 





Very True, I just finished “Person of Interest” and “The  Closer”. I just start “Veronica Mars” so I’m ready for the new season. Next on my list ” Supernatural”.


One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

Badge by Laura @

Badge by Laura @


9 responses to “One- Liner Wednesday~ Binge

  1. That’s a lot of TV


  2. I’m impressed. We binged Stranger Things recently. It was fun but family said I’m on my own for any other shows.


  3. I’ve never actually done that, though I have a good start on “The Match Game.”


  4. We watched both of those first two shows and liked them very much. I haven’t seen that last one, though. 🙂


  5. I watched all 14 seasons of Supernatural.


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