SoCS~ Can

Can you believe my first born just turn 34 and he thinks he’s too old? Really? I remember the day he was born. It was also a Saturday and my husband were at a monthly training at the Army National Guard for the weekend. Luckily the training was close from our home. I was cleaning and by 11:30 am the contractions begun. I didn’t have a phone in my home so my neighbor calls my husband. He arrives around noon and helps me with changing my clothes. Then he drives to the hospital where we got into a lot of traffic. We arrived around 12:30 and between him filling the paperwork my water broke and I have my baby at 12:45pm. I didn’t have a lot of pain. It was a memorable day. By the way, my three children were born less than an hour from my first contraction. Can you believe that?

Happy Birthday to my beautiful son. I love you!

Stream of Consciousness prompt for Saturday is the word “can.” Hosted by Linda G. Hill.

5 thoughts on “SoCS~ Can

  1. Happy Birthday to your son! From my perspective, he’s still a young one! 🙂
    Nice to hear you had easy baby deliveries! I was the same with my two girls…about an hour or so, start to finish. Then both my girls were the same when they had their babies. 🙂


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