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Halloween, it’s almost here and it’s the perfect time to watch spooky movies. A few television stations has horror movie marathons. I decide this weekend to watch “The Haunting of the Hill House” a 10-episode mini-series on Netflix. It’s a great series and it did chills my bones. After being spooked by this series I will like to read the book.

I love horror movies, especially if it’s a classic and the ones in black and whites are the best. I remember the first movie I watched. I was 12 and my parents were already sleeping. I sneak into the living room and watch “Black Sunday” a 1960 film. It was so good; however, I can’t sleep for weeks. My mother wasn’t too thrill, especially when I’ve nightmares.

I continue watching them telling my parents I was fined and old enough to watch those movies. After all it was easy to hide under my sheets and I did like to be spooked. I remember on Fridays they have a segment on TV beginning at 9pm called “Sinister Hour” and on Saturdays “The Horror Hour”. I didn’t miss a movie.

Some of my favorites:
1-Freaks (1932)
2-Frankenstein (1931 film is my favorite)
3-The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
4- Cat People (1942)
5-The Innocents (1961)
6- The House in Haunted Hill (1959)
7- Psycho (1960)
8- The Cursed of the Werewolf (1961)
9- Dracula: prince of Darkness (1966)
10- The Exorcist (1973- first film I watched at the movie theater)

Every time I watched them, they can chill my bones.

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SoCS~ Bone


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