I moved to a small town in North Dakota 20 years ago. This town has the nicest people. Everyone knew and help each other. You can leave your doors unlocked, go to any place and not being afraid.

The newspaper was a few pages mostly with shopping flyers. They will not have a criminal incident for weeks. The newspaper consists of event at the fair, the school sport games, the honor students, and the weather.

Once a while a bad incident will happen and we will read it for weeks. We will laugh about how boring our town was. For that same reason we decide it was the perfect place to raise our children.

After twenty years we still have the nicest people with a big difference, “progress”. The town has brought retail stores, more restaurants, hotels, and you will see a construction everywhere.

My perfect community has changed over the years. In my neighborhood only three families still living in the same house that is including us. Everyone else is new and we don’t know who lives next door.

My old community is gone, however I hope our new community keep the old values and what make this town a beautiful town.

North Dakota


Daily Post: What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?


9 thoughts on “Idyllic

      1. that’s the reason the town has been growing all because the job opportunities. The only problem with this is lots of people who doesn’t care about the town who are here for the money.

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