I have been absent from my blog and social media for a while. I took a break to take care of myself. Mentally, I wasn’t in a good place. Taking this break and with the doctor increasing my medication, I’m feeling much healthier.  It was the right decision.

Yes, I’m behind on some projects around the house. I have a pile of books to read and chores to finish. Since I’m feeling more energetic, I will catch up. No more feeling miserable or sad with myself. I permitted myself to take breaks when I’m overwhelmed. My doctor suggested taking those breaks at least once a month.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the last three weeks of vacation. I’m waiting for the school district to decide on when the schools begin. We’re waiting for the new guidelines and if we can go back to the building. It’s going to be an interest school year that’s for sure.



12 thoughts on “SoCS~”More”

  1. Good luck with your teaching as many of my friends are teachers and they are so frustrated. As for taking a break, good for you! It’s important for us to practice self-care, especially now more than ever! Stay healthy and safe Margret!


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