A letter to God

Dear God;

I wake up this morning wanting to write in this letter. I pray daily. I ask questions and I ask for answers. I feel I don’t know how to talk or listen to you. As a mother my children are my priority and when I pray, I always ask you to protect them. My daughter called last night heartbroken and I got upset. Why her? Why if I leave my children in your care this has to happen to her? I’m trying to understand.

I’m a decent person. I’m grateful for everything I’ve I always do, still it looks it’s not enough. Why, when I think everything is going well these things have to happen? How can I help my daughter when I don’t an answer from you?

God, why I can’t hear your voice? Don’t feel offended, I’m not challenging you I want to hear you. I want what others claim they can hear your voice. Do I need to do something different? I’m getting tired of praying and praying and feeling that no one cares. Don’t take it in a wrong way I’m not questioning your authority. I love going to church, reading passages of the bible, and listening to gospel music. Meanwhile, everyone else feels the grace of your love, however my heart feels empty. Why?

I’m not depressed. My mind is clear and I’m focus. This is not about myself not believing in you, because I do believe in you. I believe in the power of prayers and I do believe in miracles. What it’s wrong?

I understand no one’s life is perfect and we all have to deal with difficulties. There is ups and downs in everyone’s life and we have to try to be a better person. My sister like to say it’s God’s will and he knows what is doing or God has a purpose. A purpose, what kind of purpose. All I want is my prayer be heard. Oh God, my daughter needs you now.

Why you test our love and respect? What’s my purpose and how I can prove it to you? I sound upset and yes, I am. However, please don’t punish myself for being upset and don’t take it on my children. It’s true, I don’t go to church often; however, it doesn’t make me a terrible person. Okay I’m going to ask what is your plan for me and my family?

I don’t want to hear any criticism or is God’s plans from anyone, because my heart is crying for my daughter. God this is me you know my heart. This is a mother who is praying for her daughter. Also, I think I’ve proved my love for you. I know you have to answer to others prayers; however, I do want to hear your voice like any other Christian who claims you do answer their prayers. If that it’s a selfish request?

Again, I’m not depressed I’m just sad about this situation. I will keep praying, I will keep my faith, and I will keep waiting for an answer. I hope my daughter gets the peace and clarity she needs.

I hope I can get what I’m asking from you. And I’m sorry for my mistakes since I’m not perfect.

10 thoughts on “A letter to God

    1. I do that every night. It’s hard when I see others speaking about how they heard his voice. I just want the same. I have faith on Him and I don’t like to be tested. Thank you and I hope we both can listen to his voice.


  1. God hears the cry of your heart.. As a mother of five adult children I can certainly relate. We don’t want our children to hurt. When they hurt my faith and trust get tested. He speaks and says.. Trust Me.. Be still and know that I am God.. Be anxious for nothing.. When we are anxious we lose our peace. I will pray and thank Him for meeting your needs..


      1. You are not alone.. I too have shed tears for loved one.. Sometimes our walk feels lonely. Just pour out your heart. God hears and He gathers our tears.. I will be joining a few ladies here at wordpress to pray ( in our homes). Prayer is powerful. I will include you Margret. Be encouraged! You are welcome!


  2. It is so very hard to understand God. Even scriptures tells us “Who knows the mind of God”. But we persist because by faith we follow His lead. Continue following. I truly believe he does answer us…sometime we realize it in arrears. Praying for you and your daughter for clarity and peace. May you feel his love embrace you both.


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