I’ve been suffering depression for a long time and those feelings it comes and go whenever they pleased. The last time I felt helpless it was a week ago. What did I do? I took my medication, cry, feel sorry for myself, and went to bed.

I’m not going to talk or think much regarding my depression, since I want to be and stay positive as much as I can before Mr. Depression decide to show up.

I’m concentrating in my last week of vacation after three months off I’m ready. The only ones not ready to go back to school are my grandkids who think classes should start in September.

We still have two more weeks of camping. The campsite will close the first weekend of September and we better enjoy it.

To WordPress, please bring new topics to the daily prompt. It would be wonderful to write and be inspired by the new topics. I’ve made a few suggestions to WordPress and I’m sure other bloggers have done the same. Please if you listen to your bloggers stop the repetition.




Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that –- and what did you do about it?


11 thoughts on “Helpless

  1. Without God in my life..I could not make it through all of the very many challenges. He brings me comfort when I hurt and am sad. His unconditional love gives me strength and peace. When all is falling apart in my brain, just stopping to be still and looking at the beauty of creation is most helpful…and then being grateful for what I have. Enjoy your last weeks of vacation!


      1. So good to hear from you Margret. God has given me the will to go on.. I know from experience that many of the battles are in our mind. As we open up our hearts He will begin to work, heal, renew and make us whole. He just waits for us to invite Him. He is light and it’s darkness that wants to squelch or snuff out the light of God’s presence because darkness wants to keep us captive.. We are all on a journey to learn and grow and live life with freedom.. One day at a time… (:


  2. ‘Not being at the reins’ is a feeling I know well. And yes, I often slip up. The last time it happened, I tried to sort things out in my mind. That did not help. So, I just tried to ‘be’, taking care of my eating, sleep, exercise. I stayed in touch with friends and read uplifting stuff.
    I hope for you, the helpless feeling does not stay and you are back to your happy cheerful self.


      1. I love to cook and cooking for the kids at the school is amazing. They will make drawing thanking us for feeding them. I love the kids and the food is delicious because we make it with LOVE!

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